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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cerita semalam

Hallo people! Semalam we went to jusco au2. Me n adam actually. Nk beli groceries skit, alang2 pos barang skali la. Then suddenly kanchum which is my sis in law call.. dia tanya i kat mana. That time me kat pej pos. Then i ask her where she is. Dia ckap kat klcc. Hehe suddenly after few minute somebody cuit my bahu. Heh? Kanchum? U sed u kat klcc.. hehe saja supprise kan u :p.. then lepas pos barang, kami pegi black canyon. Me juz order ice cream.. yummm.. lama xmkn, since lately asik ujan je. Takut selesema. Hikhik. While kami mkan i drop adam kat playpark yg ada balloon tu. Kat sana u have to pay you know. Rm6 per entry. But what to do, adam suka main kat situ. Plus ada org monitor. So me blh makan dgn aman lol. Tu je pong cite nya. Eh ampun forgot kayong. She also with us. Hikhik

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