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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Milky G

Salam gorgeous...
Ok entry kali ni, i nak perkenalkan 1 produk hebat utk dapatkan "asset" yg mantap!
Untuk wanita di luar sana yg mahukan saiz idaman, blhla cuba.. Untuk wanita yg baru lepas melahirkan, dan menpunyai masalah payudara jatuh, then nak firm n kembalikan ke kedudukan asal supaya nmpk lbih anjal dan bulat, produk ni sngat berkesan ye. Sehari minum 1 cup ye.. 1 sachet+100ml of warm water. So sebelum sy cerita pnjang, jom layan gambar dulu.

ok ni sy buka kotak. tunjuk camana isi dlm dia. ada 10 sachet dlm 1 box.

5 keys ingredients of <milky G> that made the difference!

Effectively helped beautify countless women in asia. Trust it to improve your countenance, regaining skin elasticity and cellulite reduction (orange peel).

An excellent tropical fruit that promotes richer breast cell growth, providing a big-hand for your breast enhancement. Also a crucial colon cleanser, detoxifier, and exfoliator to achieve lustrous alluring skin. 

Probably not the most attractive herb to look out for, but its potential as a breast beautifier is eye-catching indeed! Thai pueraria tigntens, tones and lifts up existing breast tissues to achieve shapelier firm breasts - definitely an attractive choice.

Effective to maintain skin conditions for a younger and lasting healthier cell cycles and a slower aging rate.

Collagen works alongside with water in keeping the skin hydrated all day, for a smoother and radiant skin.

1 CUP = Hand massage - 500 times
1 CUP = Breast enhancement bra duration - 6 month
1 CUP = Breast enhancement essential oil - 200 massages
1 CUP = Breast enhancement pads - 6 month
1 CUP = Chinese breast enhancement soup - 20 days

p/s : 1 box = 10 sachets = rm90, buy 3 box, i give you more discount. For order, do pm my FB acc or whatsapp my phone no ye :)

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